Company Profile

Denton Interiors


Founded: 2011

Owner: Joseph Denton

Areas of expertise:  Carpentry, Remodeling, and Repairs 

Affordability and Quality

Denton Interiors was established in 2011 as a small remodeling and home repair company giving quality service while taking pride in what we do. We have earned a reputation as one of the top remodeling contractors in southwestern Ohio. 

Our scope of work covers a wide range of services from small handyman projects and repairs to complete home remodeling. With over 16 years experience in carpentry, remodeling and repair work, we take all that knowledge and put it to work for you.

Through having in-depth knowledge of home repair applications, we will work with you from planning the project, take off process, and then putting your ideas to work with fantastic results! We pride ourselves in offering affordability as well as quality service.

Color, texture, light, – details like these transform... 

We pull it all together into a design that is beautiful, functional and uniquely yours.

Choosing the right company for your home  project needs is  crucial and we work hard to gain your trust and confidence.

Simplicity and Character